Automating the data-driven enterprise

Numbers Station's AI-powered platform enables any data worker to rapidly automate data-intensive workflows, so they can spend less time on mundane data tasks and more time generating insights. Pioneered at the Stanford AI lab and now available to your enterprise: the next generation of data automation has arrived.

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Speak to your data in natural language

Numbers Station helps you get value from your messy, complex, and siloed data in minutes, no code needed.

Extract usable structured information from complex data.

Rapidly clean messy tabular data.

Quickly identify links across siloed structured sources.

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Numbers Station is the next generation of data task automation

Democratized access

Empower anyone to automate any data-intensive workflow: no need to code, write complex heuristics, or maintain legacy systems.

Advanced capabilities

Customizable automation of complex data tasks that are specific to your organization and not captured by existing templated solutions.

Immediate results

Accelerate time to insights with intelligent data discovery and instant results. No need to wait for long iterations of data labeling and model training before seeing results.

Numbers Station automates data-intensive workflows in a few steps


Instantly search and query your structured and unstructured data by asking questions in natural language to understand the quality and content of your data before building automation prototypes.

Numbers Station automates data-intensive workflows in a few steps


Build automation prototypes in minutes using cutting-edge foundation models specialized for enterprise data tasks. Get results immediately with no code, no labeled data, and no training.

Numbers Station automates data-intensive workflows in a few steps


Compose prototypes to build end-to-end data automation workflows. Deploy your automation workflows to reduce time spent on repetitive data tasks, and spend more time generating insights.

Enterprise ready


State of the art quality

Models specialized for enterprise data tasks, state-of-the-art quality on the tasks that matter most to your data-driven enterprise.



Integrated with upstream and downstream tools (Snowflake, Tableau, Looker, AWS, Google Cloud and more coming).

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Privacy first

Numbers Station is SOC II compliant. Your data stays yours.

Numbers Station Vision

Born out of years of research at the Stanford AI lab, Numbers Station is powered by state-of-the-art foundation models. This new technology ushers in a revolutionary paradigm shift that is ready to displace the legacy data automation technology in use today.

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