Connect. Converse. Automate.

Accelerating insights, eliminating barriers for data analysts

The next generation of data automation has arrived.

Let your data speak to you

Use natural language to get value from your messy, complex, and siloed data in minutes. Tell your data your desired output, and immediately generate code for execution.

The most flexible tool available

Customizable automation of complex data tasks that are specific to your organization and not captured by templated solutions.

Eliminate costly communication gaps between siloed teams

Empower anyone to securely automate data-intensive workflows on the modern data stack: free data engineers from an endless backlogs of requests.

Arrive at insights in minutes, not months

Deploy intelligent data workflows instantly.

Why Numbers Station



Uniquely designed for you, tuned for your organization’s needs.



Integrated with upstream and downstream tools—Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, BigQuery, and more coming. Built on dbt.

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Numbers Station is SOC 2 Type II compliant. Your data stays yours.